Amazing Landscape Photography Steve Highfield.

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We have a lot of stuff to tell you guys about with the Demo tour that happened yesterday but we figure you guys should see a couple of the screenshots while they’re hot.  Fierce Deity Link and Alph costumes! Plus a Wolf inspired palette for Fox and the returning Dixie palette for Diddy.


Ganondorf. After seeing him revealed in Hyrule Warriors in that epic new outfit and design, I got inspired to draw this piece.
I tweaked a bit of his designs for personal taste and to really push the “King of Evil” title.

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Another interesting piece of news is that we have this new Japanese TV promo straight from yesterday’s Japanese Demo Tour as well! This has some pretty amusing CG scenes.

As a bit of explanation, AKB48 is an extraordinarily popular pop star group in Japan, who have worked with Nintendo before. Wreck-It-Ralph fans might even recognize them as the composers for the Sugar Rush theme! And while we’re talking about this trailer, supposedly the full version also shows off a custom splash screen maker. Soon you’ll be able to _____ your way into battle just like all the other newcomers!

It’s not confirmed yet, but WOW does that sound fun. What would your newcomer screen say, friend?